Chris Lyons

For US Senate

Who is Chris Lyons?

Chris Lyons was born a fifth generation Downeaster in Waterville, Maine.
He grew up in the small town of Dennysville loving the outdoor activities of rural Maine.
After graduation from high school, Chris attended university in England, obtaining a Joint BA honor degree in English and Classics, 2 years Chinese language, 2 years education certificate and competed in 6 national karate tournaments.
Chris then lived on the island of Borneo for over 7 years. He worked as a teacher, lecturer, editor and eventually, the general manager of and advertising and publishing company.
Returning to Maine in 1999, with his wife and two children, Chris’ employment was marketing and sales eventually becoming self employed as a contractor.
Chris has three children. His eldest, Amy, is completing her senior year at the University of Maine where she is the class president. Shane is a sophmore at MIT and Daniel is a junior at Brunswick High School.
Chris has been actively involved in state and federal politics since 2011. He is passionate and authentic in his approach to finding solutions based on logic, facts and principles.
He believes we can only solve problems by taking a cold, hard, honest look at the situation to begin constructing workable, principled policy.
When seeking solutions, winning the next election should never come into the equation. Tough decisions are needed to be made and let the chips lie.
Chris believes to be successful as Maine’s US Senator he needs to actively seek and gain input from all Mainers. Each person has unique perspectives, knowledge and experience.
Chris looks forward to serving the people of Maine and helping lead the nation in the correct direction.


In the not so recent pass, the United States was a leader in education which in turn help lead to innovation, creativity and economic prosperity.

Since the U.S. Department of Education incrementally began taking greater and greater control of content and policy, the one size fits all approach has failed, is failing and will fail.
We need to get back to where we started and the provable success. Local communities are far more capable to address challenges in a timely, efficient and effective manner.
There are many examples but the below will suffice:
May 2015 8th grade Maine Results
  • Math   68% did NOT meet the standard
  • Literacy 52% did NOT meet the standard
May 2015 Junior Maine Results
  • Math  75% did NOT meet the standard
  • Literacy 52% did NOT meet the standard

The administrators claim the high failure rate is because the test is flawed which begs the question; why would those in the department of education allow a flawed examination?

Also, it is worthy to note that in 3 years from 8th grade to Junior year, the math results got worse and the literacy results did not improve.
With any politic policy that goes wrong, the finger pointing and rhetoric becomes prevalent and keeps us from determining the real issues. I have heard the same old, tired arguments for decades; it’s the teachers; it’s the children; it’s the parents; it’s the money.
I hold the view that it is certainly Not a lack of funding and only in isolated cases is it the teacher, the child or the parent. It is the system.
I will work steadfastly to restore education back to local control.

I want you!

To help me win.

The campaign is currently seeking town and city leaders, social media ambassadors, and a number of other positions. If you are interested, please submit your information in the volunteer form and we will be in touch shortly.

Circuit Breaker

I will put forth a bill to include a circuit breaker into all future laws.

Each and every bill drafted and voted on must include parameters to ascertain the viability over a period of 4 years.
For example, a streamlined income and business tax of 5% would need to meet the below 4 parameters:
  1. Year 1: Less money was taken from people and businesses
  2. Year 2: A more efficient and less costly IRS
  3. Year 3: A general increase in economic growth and employment
  4. Year 4: A significant reduction in the percentage of poverty
If anyone of these conditions is missed by a large margin, the law automatically becomes null and void and must be addressed by Congress immediately. No more kicking the can down the road.
This law would aid in effectiveness and transparency of the government. It will lessen half truths, finger pointing and senseless rhetoric to win the next election. It will help aid elected officials to seek and form solutions.

Congressional Pay

I will be proposing Senators and Representatives’ salaries be cut from the current $174,000 a year to $150,000 and to remain static for 10 years. I propose this for two simple reasons;

  1. There is no excuse for the irresponsible, reckless creation of $20 trillion federal government debt.
  2. To create the mindset among elected officials that this number 1 national security must be addressed both personally and with the government coffers.
This modest cut will save taxpayers and average of $12.8 million a year thus saving $128 million over two years. I am amicable to the idea of earmarking these savings to be used to lower the national debt.
Adhering to the principle of practicing what one preaches, I will pass the $24,000 from my salary back to the government regardless of whether the bill passes or not.

Term Limits

I will wholeheartedly work for term limits for Congress.

Term limits will help to reduce the influence of big money and special interests. It will lessen partisan stagnation.Term limits will only help in these matters and is not a cure all.
The only true solution is the election of representatives who have integrity and work for the needs of the nation not their re-election.
As I work for term limits, I will sign a legally binding document that I will pay $50,000 each to two Maine charities if I should stand for a third term. It is important to practice what one preaches to earn the trust of the people of Maine.


We are taxed at every turn and yet we have a $20 trillion debt. Obviously, this is a problem for us and as a nation as a whole.

We did not get to where we are overnight and we will not get to where we need to be overnight as well. The below is a profound step in the right direction.
I will be forwarding a bill to reduce the rate of income, investment and business profit taxes for all people and businesses making over $30,000 annually to 5%. Those making less than $30,000 will not be taxed.
This bill will have an immediate impact in several areas:
  1. The reduction of the cost of the IRS.
  2. A reduction in the confusion of filing with the IRS.
  3. Put more money into people’s pockets.
  4. Virtually eliminate the use of ‘offshoring’ in other countries that tax at 10% or more.
  5. Expand economic growth and employment opportunities.
  6. Ensure adequate funds for the appropriate operation of the federal government.
  7. Allow a steady and persistent reduction of the US government debt.